White Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis expects his first at-bat as a visitor at Fenway Park will be similar to his last one in a home uniform. Three weeks and a one day before Monday, he tripled and left to a standing ovation, pulled because Boston had traded him to Chicago.

"It's probably just reliving a moment before," a cheerful Youkilis said of what it'll be like in Monday's 7:10 p.m. ET contest. "So, I think it's cool, because I think my teammates are the most excited on the White Sox. And I talked to a couple of the Red Sox guys, and they're excited for me to be here. My teammates have been unbelievable. I think they're more excited than I am to get up to bat tonight. It'll be good, there's a lot of great fans that have treated me so well here. I'll probably see a few [No.] 20 jerseys or T-shirts out there."

Youkilis spoke for 17 minutes in the Red Sox's interview room before the White Sox stretched on Monday. He emphasized that his return to Fenway brings only a desire to win and excitement, not animosity.

"It's exciting, exciting to come back to the ballpark that I've known as home for a long time," Youkilis said. "And you know it's a little different on the other side, but it's the same ballpark out there when we step between the white lines."