For the third consecutive day, the Yankees and representatives for Robinson Cano met on Wednesday. They remain far apart on contract terms, reports Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News. The two sides will break for Thanksgiving and meet again next week.

According to Feinsand, Cano's camp lowered their demands "very slightly." He was said to be seeking a ten-year contract worth $310 million earlier this year while the team countered with seven years and $161 million. Sounds like the two sides still have a pretty significant gap to bridge.

Cano, 31, hit .314/.383/.516 (145 OPS+) with 27 home runs and 107 RBI this season. He leads all position players with 29.7 WAR over the last four seasons. Cano is clearly the best free agent available and he will certaintly sign a massive contract at some point, but $300 or so million just isn't going to happen.

The Yankees, meanwhile, have already signed Brian McCann and remain in the hunt for Carlos Beltran.