The Cleveland Cavaliers traded for Luol Deng last month, shortly before their epic collapse that resulted in the firing of their GM, Chris Grant. Then they went on a run and are currently on a six-game winning streak. But with Deng an unrestricted free agent this summer and things not exactly going gangbusters, the Cavs are fielding calls for the All-Star forward.

The Wizards have quality forwards to offer in return including Martell Webster and Trevor Ariza, but don't have a first-rounder to throw in. Deng would be a superb fit in Washington, though, giving them an upgrade over Ariza who is already a great defender and a substantial boost offensively. It also fits with Washington's M.O. of forsaking the future in any conceivable way in order to pursue short-term gains. The cause for Cleveland's impatience with moving Deng is reportedly the same reason behind why they can't get a deal.