Remember that wacky rumor that some Russian football team had offered Tim Tebow a million dollars to play a game or two for them?

How do you say “Not so fast my friend” in Russian?

In an email received by Russian sports-news service R-Sport Moscow Black Storm owner Mikhail Zaltsman said that the American football superstar had said nyet.

“Unfortunately agents of Tim Tebow turn down our proposal. I hope that its Tebow’s agents’ fault that the contract wasn’t signed and Tim couldn’t do anything about it. If it was his decision – it’s very upsetting. And in this case we don’t want him in our team anyway.”

No reasonable NFL fan pundit or team executive would have taken the offer seriously — even if it was entirely serious.

Tebow would have done incalculable damage to his playing career by taking the offer — the moment he is perceived to have lost focus on returning to the NFL is the moment that his NFL career is really over.