It was a relatively quiet bye week for Steelers players -- a couple were demoted a couple were re-signed and a couple were released -- but other than the typical roster moves there wasn't much to report. Offensive coordinator Todd Haley on the other hand was in the news quite a bit and it had nothing to do with his suspect play-calling that has Steelers fans so enraged.

Days after Haley and his wife were sued for allegedly trashing a rental home the Haley's find themselves in more legal trouble. According to a man who watched Haley's four dogs filed a civil complaint against the Haleys alleging that they still owe him $10090.

Nick Fiscante told WPXI that he reached an agreement with the Haley's to watch their dogs because they were living in a hotel after moving from Kansas City to Pittsburgh. Fiscante said the Haley's made one payment but have failed to pay the remaining $10090. At a hearing in August the district judge ruled in Fiscante's favor because the Haley's failed to show.