No team attracts drama like the Washington Redskins. And the latest bit of rumored drama is a doozy, with Robert Griffin III reportedly asking coaches not to show his negative plays during film sessions.

That's the report from Mike Silver of NFL Network, who stirred up the pot Sunday by reporting that "at Baylor they didn't put RG3's bad plays up on the board in the meeting rooms. Sources familiar with the situation say they've asked the Redskins to do the same but they've refused to this point."

But wait! There's more!

Silver also reported that "inside the building when you talk to people familiar with this situation they perceive RG3 as kind of insecure especially about Kirk Cousins."

Silver said it's possible that Cousins' presence on the roster -- and RG3's reported insecurity with him -- could be why the Redskins quarterback rushed back from his ACL injury this past offseason.