Operation Put the Screws to Shayanna Jenkins apparently has commenced.

The fiancee of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez Jenkins initially was talking to police in the aftermath of Odin Lloyd’s murder — until Hernandez gave her the same advice Archie Bunker routinely provided to Edith.

Now Jenny Wilson of the Hartford Courant reports that prosecutors believe Jenkins engaged in “overt attempts to hide evidence . . . and to hinder and mislead” the investigation. The contention which appear in court documents released Friday was made in connection with a request to search a storage unit rented in her name.

The records allege that Hernandez called Jenkins the day after Lloyd’s body was found because Hernandez wanted to get rid of the weapons in the home he and Jenkins share. The materials also reportedly explain that surveillance footage from Hernandez’s home shows Jenkins leaving the house with a trash bag containing a “rigid object” resembling a lock box or safe. According to the records authorities contend she then placed the bag in the trunk of a car drove away returned 35 minutes later and opened the trunk — which no longer contained the bag or the “rigid object.” (There’s a chance she’s an amateur magician and opening the truck was simply the prestige.)

The paperwork likewise refers to “cryptic texts” exchanged by Hernandez and Jenkins regarding a box in the basement.