has reported the San Francisco 49ers have reached a trade agreement that would send quarterback Alex Smith to an unknown team. There is plenty of smoke coming from this fire that would suggest the Chiefs are that team.

A couple of other teams that could be looking for quarterbacks, Jacksonville and Cleveland, have denied they will be Smith’s destination. The Chiefs have issued no such denial.

Another team in need of a quarterback is Arizona, but the Cardinals play in the NFC West along with the 49ers, and it would be most unorthodox for the 49ers to send Smith to a division rival. So it’s safe to scratch the Cardinals off the list.

It would make sense for certain other teams, particularly Buffalo, to be after Smith. But no team is as needy as the Chiefs. It’s difficult to fathom the Chiefs would allow themselves to be outbid for Smith, once the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. He spent time last season as the NFL’s top-rated passer before receiving a concussion and later being benched in favor of Colin Kaepernick.

Taken alone, none of these facts mean Smith will be quarterbacking the Chiefs next season. Put them together and they’re a strong suggestion that he will.

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