Major League Baseball is no longer negotiating a possible plea agreement with Alex Rodriguez's camp report Bill Madden Michael O'Keeffe and Teri Thompson of the New York Daily News. MLBPA head Michael Weiner contacted the league directed on A-Rod's behalf but was rebuffed.

“They asked for a meeting [Saturday] morning and were told ‘no'” said one of the Daily News' sources. “Baseball is more than comfortable with [the evidence] they have.”

The Daily News trio also say Rodriguez contacted the Yankees on Saturday to discuss a possible settlement of the money left on his contract. A-Rod is still signed through 2017 for approximately $95 million. The team declined to talk citing the league's pending Biogenesis-related discipline.

Rodriguez's camp reportedly approached MLB and offered an 80-100 game suspension with a promise he would retire afterwards as long as he received the money left on his contract. "A paid vacation in other words" said another source.