ESPN reports on a number of targets for the Dallas Mavericks in free agency this summer, most notably Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony.

When it comes to Melo, meanwhile, what you hear is that the Mavs are quietly optimistic they will be on that short list of teams granted a face-to-face visit with the New York Knicks' scoring machine, just as they were with Dwight Howard last summer. The sense in Big D is that Melo will give them a legit look.

It's another ground ball that the Mavs are obligated to run out because Nowitzki is still their best player, which is something team officials acknowledge is too much to ask of the future Hall of Famer after 16 seasons. So the Mavs are bound to pursue Melo until they're told they have no shot, because players of that caliber are rarely available and are hard to get when they are.

via Summer Scoop: Mavs monitoring Melo - Marc Stein Blog - ESPN.

ESPN also says Knicks center Tyson Chandler, who won a title with the Mavericks in 2011 could be a trade target for Dallas if New York made him available, as well as Bucks center Larry Sanders. ESPN Dallas reported Wednesday that the Mavericks were not interested in Chris Bosh because he's not a traditional rebounding big man to put next to Nowitzki.