They’re not there yet but it sounds like the Toronto Maple Leafs and RFA forward Nazem Kadri are finally speaking the same language in their long-running and combative contract talks.

According to Bob MacKenzie who was speaking on TSN Radio in Toronto this afternoon the two sides are finally both talking about a two-year bridge contract. Kadri is looking at something around $7 million while the Leafs are countering with $5.7 million. Still a bit of a gap there but it’s getting closer. And after versatile but far less important Ottawa forward Colin Greening signed a short-term deal averaging $2.65 million per earlier today it’s a good bet the final number will be nearer to Kadri’s position.

Of course every dollar he takes out of the approximately $5 million that Toronto has left to spend under the cap is a dollar less that’s available for the Leafs to sign fellow RFA Cody Franson. So the sooner he grabs his share the better for Kadri.