The Kansas City Royals pulled off a 6-3 victory in Fenway Park Saturday night that turned out to be much more a nail-biter than it needed to be. Still, they pushed their record to 74-48, which is good for the best in the AL by six games. And they're about to get back one of their best players.

Remember last time we saw Alex Gordon?

The grade-2 groin injury has had Gordon on the shelf since it happened on July 8, but he's set to begin a minor-league rehab assignment Sunday.

It goes without saying that Gordon's return to the lineup will be a huge boost. Due to his other-worldly defense in left field, locker room presense and offensive production, he finished 12th in MVP voting last season despite "only" hitting .266. This season, he's hitting .279/.394/.457 with 13 doubles and 11 homers in essentially half a season. Note the .394 OBP, as the league average OBP is .315.

It's not just Gordon being added, though. Remember, since Gordon went down, the Royals traded for Ben Zobrist, who has been swinging a real hot bat since. They haven't had the chance to play both Gordon and Zobrist together just yet, something that will enable them to bench both Omar Infante and Alex Rios if so inclined.