Reports are circulating that the Calgary Flames might be primed to hire Brian Burke as the team’s new CEO.

Bruce Dowbiggin cites sources who explain that Burke is headed to the area to roll out the announcement while Rogers Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston reports that there’s “more than a little fire” to back up that smoke.

Going further TSN’s Bob McKenzie recalls that Burke fired down similar rumors in June – he visited Calgary because his daughter lives in the area – but notes that the rumblings haven’t been confirmed or denied on Wednesday.

At least they haven’t been confirmed or denied yet. Burke is set to appear on Vancouver’s Team 1040 radio tonight so he might take that time to make it official put everything on pause or stomp it down once more.

Update: Fan 960′s Josh Humphries reports that Burke is in town to participate in a charity event on Thursday. Is that all he’s in town for? We’ll see.

While we wait for what could (hopefully) be a quick answer it’s worth noting a few points:

The team was hoping to fill an executive position even talking with Brendan Shanahan so it’s clear the organization wants to make a move in the future.