Kurt Rambis is no longer the lone voice of the defense.

After his defense devolved into shameful last season, Jeff Hornacek said the coaching staff will teach as a group this time around, rather than Rambis serving as the "one voice," as he was described.

"We've worked all summer — all of us — on how we want to do things. And we want to tell guys, 'Hey, if you have a question on defense, ask these three guys or ask me,'" Hornacek said. "Offensively, it's a couple of guys or ask me. We've got a good balance of guys that are working with different positions too. So it's kind of everybody."

The Knicks were jumbled defensively at the start of last season and, as a result, Hornacek promoted Rambis to defensive coordinator after just six games. In other words, players and assistant coaches reported to Rambis about any defensive concerns.