Ed Reed spent most of his career stealing valuable things from quarterbacks. He was reportedly the recent victim of a much bigger theft, apparently having $50,000 in cash stolen from his car.

Click2Houston.com reports, via the Houston Police Department, that someone smashed the window of Reed's car and took a bag containing $50,000 in cash out of the front seat.

A few questions.

Why did Reed have $50,000 in cash? Why did he leave that money on the front seat of his car in a bag? What was Reed doing in Houston? Why did Reed have $50,000 in cash? Did the bag have a big dollar sign on it?

Please say the bag had a big dollar sign on it.

Anyway, Reed was apparently targeted by the robbers. He went to a "bank down the street" and got the money, then "stopped off at the Bank of America in the 12000 block of Westheimer near the Westpark Tollway."