Last spring a year before Anthony Bosch catapulted into the center of Major League Baseball’s latest doping scandal Alex Rodriguez secretly sought out the advice of the man at the heart of its first major steroid crisis: Victor Conte.

Now the BALCO founder — who served four months in prison for masterminding a huge steroid conspiracy that enveloped Barry Bonds Jason Giambi and Olympic track star Marion Jones among others — met last week with two investigators from Major League Baseball’s Department of Investigations.
Conte said he spent more than two hours with the officials — Dan Mullin and Eduardo Dominguez Jr. — on Wednesday at his lawyer’s office in San Francisco.

He described how Rodriguez showed up uninvited on his doorstep in May 2012 with admitted BALCO steroid casualty Bill Romanowski the former NFL linebacker to discuss legal products that could give Rodriguez an edge.

Conte said Rodriguez had been trying to set up a sitdown through Romanowski for two months before they finally met the day before the Yankees kicked off a three-game series with the Oakland A’s.
Romanowski had tried to convince Conte to fly to New York or Los Angeles to meet with Rodriguez but Conte said he declined the offer.

“I flushed it out with Romo before they ever showed up at the office” Conte said. “I clearly told Romo it (anything he could do for Rodriguez) was about legal performance enhancement.”

According to Conte Romanowski called him at the offices of Scientific Nutrition for Advance Conditioning (SNAC) the sports supplement company he operates with his daughter Veronica Conte in San Carlos tell him he was with Rodriguez and they would arrive at the office “in about five minutes.”

Most of Conte’s staff was getting ready to go home for the evening when Romanowski parked his dark blue Cadillac Escalade in the SNAC parking lot with Rodriguez in his passenger seat.

Rodriguez waited in the vehicle and sent the former NFL star into SNAC’s offices to make sure nobody was around to see who was about to come in.