If you remember the end of the last season (like basically a year ago) you might remember your Vancouver Canucks had a bit of a problem putting the biscuit in the basket. When the Sedins account for 22% of the offensive production and their game hits a snag (cough cough) then we all naturally cast fond eyes at the second line where Ryan Kesler - just like a year ago now - isn't 100%. This is a bigger problem than where we overnight Luongo (more on that in a second).

It doesn't sound like we'll be seeing RK17 anytime soon:

"There's no timeline," Kesler stressed Sunday. "I'm not going to come back until I'm 100 per cent — before I even think of coming back. I still need a lot of practices with actual NHL players. That's going to come in time. This (recovery) is not short term for me. I've got to take care of my body first and foremost, but I'm like anybody else. I want to play."

So, while not ideal, GMMG and Mr. Vigneault have some strategery to do. The league should open in about 13 days, giving the duo just enough wiggle room to weigh options like:

Plan A: Promote From Within

This means an immediate promotion for Chris Higgins and his abs or Maxim Lapierre and his grin. Or keep them entrenched in support roles and give the keys over to Jordan Schroeder (9-10-19) who has played solidly for the Wolves. Malhotra and Ebbett are (less desirable) options to sprinkle into the mix. This all makes sense on paper of course, but a few losing efforts or ghastly results with his new linemates could spell doom for whoever replaces Kesler, and knowing Vigneault's twitchy addition to line juggling, Plan A may involve a few people filling the Keslord's skates.