News came down earlier in the week that Chris Carpenter was shutting down for the season before ever really starting up. It was one injury too far for the aging pitcher and things didn't feel right. It's hard to argue the scenario when you read quotes like this:

“The phone call went like, ‘I can’t throw. Every time I try, it just gets worse. The numbness and the ‘zingers’ are getting more frequent.’

“Then,” said [Cardinals General Manager John] Mozeliak, “the hand is discolored and he knows that’s not normal. Given what he’s been through from a medical standpoint, he just felt this injury is not going away.”

It's remarkable that Carpenter reached this point after making an unexpected come back in 2012 to pitch 30.2 innings between the regular season and the post-season. It makes you wonder what kind of hell he put his arm through just 6 months ago.

In the days following the announcement, there was a fair bit of eulogizing done here and elsewhere. There's also been the forward looking articles about the new prospects and Adam Wainwright's increased role within the club. What's been seemingly missed in this conversation or, at minimum, undercovered is the conversation of just how good of a pitcher Chris Carpenter was.