Reggie Jackson didn't run from the reality.

In fact, he faced it and accepted responsibility.

“I got to really take pride on defense and work on keeping my man in front of me,” he said.

That comment came moments after Courtney Lee in Memphis' win over the Thunder on Tuesday became the latest starting guard to scorch Jackson.

It's something Jackson has struggled with since taking over for the injured Russell Westbrook on Dec. 27.

Lee joined the likes of Kemba Walker, Damian Lillard, Deron Williams, Ricky Rubio and Ty Lawson. Each has had tremendous success against Jackson as a starter, either as a slasher, shooter or setup man.

But what happened Tuesday was as bad as things have been.

Thunder coach Scott Brooks, apparently fed up with Jackson's defensive struggles, started Thabo Sefolosha on Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley. It's a cross-matchup Brooks has used in the past, even with Westbrook healthy, but one Brooks rarely uses to start games.

It didn't work.

Sefolosha neutralized Conley. But Lee then lit up Jackson, scoring 10 of the Grizzlies first 12 points before finishing with a team- and season-high 24.

“Defensively, I was poor tonight,” Jackson said after the game. “I definitely could have made it more difficult. I let him get hot early.”

Though they stopped short of blaming Jackson directly, both Brooks and Thunder forward Kevin Durant called Lee's performance unacceptable.