Looks like Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

And no, he’s not buying a ticket.

But he is getting a ringing endorsement from his new star running back, who sounds like he has fully bought in to Stafford’s talent and leadership.

Reggie Bush, whom the Lions signed to a four-year deal in March, told NFL Network on Friday that he sees great things in the fifth-year quarterback’s future.

“Getting a chance to play with Calvin Johnson, arguably the best receiver in football right now, and Stafford, who’s a good young quarterback, has a huge arm and has a lot of talent and tremendous upside,” Bush said. “And he’s a leader. He has all the qualities and intangibles to be a Hall of Famer one day and be a great quarterback in this league.

“He’s on his way there, so I’m excited to play with these guys, because I know we’re going to score a lot of points.”

Bush might not have known the Lions’ color scheme, which he called “Lions blue,” but he was right about the offense. Behind Stafford’s powerful arm, it can score.