All Reggie Bush needs to give the Detroit Lions is an extra 20 yards per game.

Even without Bush in 2012, the Lions finished behind only the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints in total offense.

So when the team's new running back noted Detroit should be No. 1 in the NFL this season, he wasn't going out on too much of a limb.

"Honestly, I believe there's no excuse for us not to have the No. 1-ranked offense," Bush told "We have all the right pieces and the necessary players here to be the top offense in the league. No excuse."

The Lions were third in the NFL in total offense in 2012 at 408.8 yards per game. That included just 100.8 yards per game rushing, 23rd in the league.

The Patriots led the NFL with 427.9 yards per game.

Detroit was fifth in the NFL in total offense in 2011, when it made the playoffs for the first time since 1999. The Lions stumbled to 4-12 last season, and Bush -- who won a Super Bowl with the Saints -- is trying to get them back on track.

"Only thing I can bring is my experience and hopefully my leadership and help the guys and help them by being a leader on this team," Bush said. "It seems like a lot of these guys, they've all been here for awhile, they've been here together, and it seems like their chemistry is really good."