Reggie Bush to Atlanta Falcons rumors are starting to pop up. With Bush parting ways with the Miami Dolphins, Atlanta suddenly becomes a possible destination for the former Pro Bowl running back. According to a report from late Sunday (Feb. 24), fans of the Dolphins should not expect to see Bush in town for the 2013 NFL season.

Atlanta Falcons To Release Michael Turner?

There are several teams that could really use someone like Bush next season, with the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys getting mentioned frequently. Now the Falcons have entered the conversation, especially as the team looks to be moving on without Michael Turner. Yes, the team does have Jacquizz Rodgers ready to take a lot of the carries, but adding Bush to the mix could make the Falcons more dangerous on every play.

The argument can be made that Rodgers and Bush are too similar to have in the same backfield and it would be hard to argue that point. From that standpoint, fans might doubt that these rumors could actually play out. The reality is that Atlanta will have to add someone at running back to help out Rodgers, especially if Turner doesn't come back at a discounted rate.