On the day the world got a new pope, the Lions got a new running back.

Both were blessed events.

What Pope Francis will be asked to do for the world's Catholics might be more demanding than what Reggie Bush will be asked to do for the Detroit offense. On the other hand, the Lions could use some divine help. Which, around here, means establishing a rushing attack that, despite new faces year after year, hasn't really had a pulse since Barry Sanders was taking the ball.

"It's a running back's dream," Bush, 28, told the media Wednesday, after signing a four-year free-agent deal to be the latest cog in the Lions' yardage machine. "It's the first thing we talked about when we watched the film and saw those safeties deep and those safeties rolling over, double-covering Calvin Johnson. It's a running back's dream."

Of course, the Lions have had that offense for several years now, and they've been awful on the ground. I guess we'll find out whether it was who was running the ball, or who was running the offense.