When the NBA invited the media to meet with the heads of its officiating staff last month the league representatives rattled off a few points of emphasis they wanted referees to focus on this season.
One such point of emphasis was illegal screens and when video-clip examples were shown to the writers in attendance the first one was of Kevin Garnett being called in a game last season.
“Because I’m the best pick-setter in the league” Garnett said after Monday’s shootaround ahead of the Nets’ third preseason game against the 76ers. “I understand that.”

Garnett long has been known for setting illegal or “moving” screens. Instead of coming to a stop and keeping his arms and legs close to his body as a screener is supposed to do Garnett — always seeking an extra edge — will often slide into the opposing defender as the opponent is going around the screen or use his arm or leg to make that defender take an extra step to get to his man.

With 10 seconds left in Game 2 of the Celtics’ Eastern Conference Semifinals matchup with the Sixers in 2012 Garnett was hit with a moving-screen call that cost the Celtics a chance at a potential go-ahead basket while trying to free up Paul Pierce for a shot. He has been called for an illegal screen in each of his first two preseason games as a Net.

“To be honest I’m always trying to get better at the things that I’m doing” Garnett said when asked about how much of an adjustment the new point of emphasis on illegal screens could have on his game. “I’m figuring the reason they’re putting it in there is because some things are not right. So if I’m looking at my mechanics and if I’m not setting proper picks then I’m going to have to.