Last week’s deal that will send Alex Smith to Kansas City is a good thing for Seattle for two reasons:

1) It didn’t undercut the value for Matt Flynn.
The Chiefs gave up their second-round pick, which is at the very top of the round — No. 34 overall — as well as a conditional pick down the road to acquire Smith’s contract. Now, Smith has a much larger body of work than Flynn not to mention more recent success. It figures he would command a higher price on the market even given the fact he’ll make more in 2013 than Flynn is scheduled. But if you peg Flynn’s trade value as a third-round pick with perhaps a little more sweetening added, then the 49ers’ trade does nothing to undercut that.

2) Neither of the J-words acquired Smith.
That would be the Jags and the Jets, who are probably the two most likely suitors. Jacksonville is coached by someone who is familiar with Flynn (Gus Bradley was Seattle’s defensive coordinator the past four seasons) while the Jets have a GM who was in Seattle’s front office when Flynn was acquired. Both are potentially looking for quarterback upgrades. Each might have an interest in Flynn.

When the offseason began, there were eight teams that appeared to have a clear-cut need at quarterback. With free agency just over a week away, here’s how those nine teams stand:

Situation: The Kansas City Chiefs answered their question at quarterback without using the top pick in the draft. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it will cost the team a second-round pick this season and a future choice to acquire the privilege of paying Alex Smith $7.5 million in 2013. The deal can’t be finalized until the league year begins on March 12, but all the pieces are in place, and the expectation is this will spell the end of Matt Cassel’s time in Kansas City.
Flynn-terest? Nope. Not after dealing for Smith.