The NFL released the full, official draft order for the first three rounds and the order of the regular picks for rounds four through seven.

The number of the overall selection for each of the picks in the first three rounds is set. After the third round, however, the league inserts compensatory draft picks in between rounds. Since those will not be announced until next month at the league meetings, the overall positions of the picks in the last four rounds are up in the air.

(The Redskins, by the way, are very unlikely to get a compensatory pick. The did lose LaRon Landry as a free agent but they signed free agent wide receivers Josh Morgan and Pierre Garçon so according to the NFL’s super-secret formula for distributing comp picks, the Redskins are likely out of luck.)

The Redskins traded away their first-round pick in the deal to get Robert Griffin III. Their first pick will come in the second round. Normally it would be the 21st pick of the round, 53rd overall. But the Browns used their second-round pick in the supplemental draft to get wide receiver Josh Gordon and the Saints forfeited theirs as part of the sanctions for the bounty scandal. Since both of those teams were slated to draft ahead of the Redskins their pick goes up to the 51st overall.

They also have their own picks in rounds 3 (pick 21, 85 overall), 4 (22), 5 (21), 6 (23), and 7 (22). And, on top of that, the Redskins finally get something out of the $36 million and two years of aggravation they put into Albert Haynesworth—New England’s fifth-round pick, the 29th in that round.

The draft starts on Thursday, April 25. That will be the first round only so the Redskins will have to wait for the next night to pick.