Reds fans will pay a little more this season to see big games and a little less to see not-so-big games.

The team announced Monday it’s adopting a “dynamic pricing” system that adjusts ticket prices up or down based on the opponent, demand, day of the week or even the weather.

The Reds are the 20th of Major League Baseball’s 30 teams to adopt dynamic pricing, which has grown in popularity as teams try to find ways to boost revenue and attendance. Fans typically will see price changes of a few dollars for seats in a few sections, rather than big increases or decreases for the entire ballpark.

“The fans shouldn’t expect to see significant changes day-to-day,” said Phil Castellini, the Reds’ chief operating officer. “You’re going to see small, incremental movements.

“If you’re standing in line, the guy 10 spots in front of you isn’t going to get a different price.”