For the next two weeks, at least, Ryan Ludwick has to deal with the sling on his right arm, a black contraption that keeps his arm in place at all times. The brace is so obtrusive, he jokingly dubbed it his “second wife” -- or maybe that’s just because he has to sleep with it on.

But it’ll be just two more weeks -- about three weeks after undergoing surgery to repair the labrum tear in his right shoulder -- that he has to deal with the brace before moving on to the next step in his rehab that will probably keep him out of action until at least the All-Star break.

“Two more weeks, I can’t wait,” Ludwick said. He can take off the sling to change clothes and shower, but other than that, it’s there at all times.

Before Tuesday’s game, he visited his teammates in the Reds’ clubhouse.

“It’s one day at a a time, it’s a long precess,” Ludwick said. “I’m upbeat, I’m positive. I’m not down. The toughest thing is watching these guys play and not being able to help out. Like I said, one day at a time.”

Ludwick has reached out to Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and Reds coach Miguel Cairo about undergoing the same surgery during their careers.

“Everyone I’ve talked to, Miguel Cairo, Adrian, and people I’ve talked to, that when it comes to hitting, it’s your back arm, people don’t tend to have too much problems with it, because I guess the labrum is more of an overhead exercise,” said Ludwick, who throws left-handed, but bats right-handed. “And when you swing, you don’t have your hands over your head -- I don’t hit like Juan Gonzalez, so I think I’m OK.”