As poorly as the Reds have played since the All-Star break – and make no mistake, it's been poor – it's important to note that after Sunday's 7-3 victory over the Marlins, the Reds are just 4 1/2 games back in the National League Central.

The Reds are still in fourth place in the clustered NL Central, but still in the thick of the wild card race, as well. And that's with losing 11 of 16 games since the break.

There are clearly challenges ahead, as Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto are still weeks away from returning, but it's hard to look at the standings and say the Reds are completely out of it with 51 games remaining in the regular season.

"We're still in this. We've still got a chance, if we put ourselves in a good position and (general manager) Walt (Jocketty) in a good position, I feel like he'll put his cards in this year," said Mike Leake, Sunday's winning pitcher. "It's up to the players and up to us whether we want to bear down and make it a good year or if we want to kind of throw it in."