At about 5 o'clock Sunday afternoon, the semi truck bearing Joey Votto's black Lamborghini arrived at Great American Ball Park. Given the news that leaked like the Titanic on Monday, feel free to wonder if Votto will start a Lambo collection.

He's going to be a Red for a long time. That's the best I can do. The Reds, buoyed by expected money boosts from national and local television contracts, completed a deal that as recently as January nobody thought was possible.

Speculate all you like on the years and the dollars. Albert Pujols got $240 million for 10 years in Anaheim; Prince Fielder will make $214 million over nine years in Detroit. USA Today says Votto will get $225 million for 10 years of work.

Whatever it is, it's a remarkable commitment from a small-money franchise, not unlike the eight-year, $184 million Minnesota gave catcher Joe Mauer last year. It's an encouraging development when a team such as the Reds can afford to keep its best player.

The Reds were always going to get Votto's best effort. Now, they'll get his best years, too. And there will be no money or trade talk to worm its way into Votto's sometimes tender head. Those who were optimistic enough to believe Votto was not a footlights guy, and would stay in the low-key 'Nati, had their judgment rewarded. The rest of us were a little surprised.