They are unlikely friends.

Aroldis Chapman the Reds’ All-Star pitcher with the million-dollar smile and the $25-million contract. Cervilio Miguel Amador the principal male dancer for the Cincinnati Ballet. Chapman at 6-foot-4 towers over the 5-6 Amador.

But friendship isn’t measured by shirt size. And on Friday afternoon as they stood along the first-base edge of the grass at Great American Ball Park they’re just a couple of guys tossing a baseball back and forth.

Sunday Amador will throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the 1:10 p.m. Reds-Brewers game. It’s Cincinnati Ballet Day at the Ball Park. And as any good friend would do in such a situation Chapman has offered to give Amador a few pointers.

For all their outward differences there is a certain similarity in the men’s life stories: Both come from small Cuban cities but achieved significant fame on the national stage in their homeland. Both defected leaving everything behind to find a new home in Cincinnati a place neither one had heard of before.

Clearly these two men understand one another.

It’s said that Cubans love the three B’s – baseball ballet and boxing. And though Chapman may not be a diehard ballet aficionado he has great respect for its discipline and its physical demands.