With honors, it looks like.

Austin Jackson isn't a freshman, sophomore or a junior with the Tigers, anymore. For that matter, not even a senior.

With the stats Jackson has put together this season, he has skipped ahead and graduated straight into the makings of his best season.

Check them out, if you haven't already.

Four hits in the finale in Oakland elevated his average to .386 in 12 games;

He hit his first home run in the same game;

He had his biggest RBI game this season with three;

He scored three runs, and has scored 17 in 12 games; and

He's struck out five times, which puts him on a pace for 67 this season.

That's correct, not many strikeouts … Austin Jackson … words you never thought you'd read in the same sentence.

No mistake, though. It's not 167 times. To be completely accurate, it's 67.5 times, but nobody has yet found a way to strike out half a time.

So, it's 67.

The swift center fielder for the Tigers is laying off pitches he used to swing at. He's hitting pitches he used to miss. He's centering pitches he used to only get a piece of.

What has evolved might be the onset of the complete player stage of his career.