There's a running joke among the Red Wings about forward Johan Franzen and his fondness for food, specifically in regards to guessing his weight.

It's generally between 220 and 230 pounds, fitting for a guy who stands 6-3. And then there's the metaphor that's fitting: The Wings are so much better off when Franzen pulls his weight.

That's what he did just a few years ago when he delivered 18 points in the 2008 playoffs to warrant talk of Conn Smythe consideration, followed up with 34 goals in 71 games the next season and then came through with 23 points in 23 games in the 2009 playoffs.

"He's got his physical attributes alone, and then he can skate with that body, and he's got a real quick set of hands," Daniel Cleary said. "Put it all together, and that's what you can get -- I mean, he's a 30-plus goal scorer in the NHL."