The Red Wings who aren't competing in the Winter Olympics returned to the ice Wednesday, and probably no one was more eager to get started again than Johan Franzen.

Limited to one game since getting concussed Dec. 15, Franzen is aiming toward returning Feb. 26 in Montreal when the NHL regular season resumes.

"Definitely," said Franzen, who has 23 points (nine goals, 14 assists) in 31 games. "If everything goes smoothly, I'm planning to be in it."

But there is some cautiousness involved going forward.

Franzen returned to play Jan. 26 against Florida. But then he awoke with severe migraines two days later, couldn't play in Philadelphia, and hasn't played since.

"(I) woke up with bad migraines," Franzen said. "I had to take a step back again."

Until Franzen can put several good days of practices and games together, and be symptom-free, there will be a hesitancy to say he's totally cleared.

"Until I get through a few games and feel good, it's always going to be in the back of my head it might come back," Franzen said. "It did last time. But I just have to go out and try and see what happens.

"I need to get a few good practices in and see where I'm at."

The rapid movement on the ice and the constant fast motion of bodies on the ice triggered issues for Franzen in December, keeping him off the ice. It’s something he'll monitor in the days ahead.