Funny how a trip to Florida has everyone in the training room scrambling to get on the plane.

In Red Wings captain Henrik Zetterberg's case, he's starting to do some rehabilitation on his herniated disc and hadn't been around the team for a few days.

And the warmth and sunshine was an added bonus.

"I kind of missed the guys, been away from the team a bit, and I decided to come down and be with the guys," Zetterberg said.

Zetterberg has missed the last three games since being diagnosed with the herniated disc. He last played Dec. 1 in Ottawa.

He's expected to stay off the ice a minimum of another week, but there is apparently progress.

"I'm feeling better, absolutely feeling better," Zetterberg said. "It looks like we're doing the right things, I'm taking the right steps."

But there's no timetable for a return back to the ice for light skating, never mind an actual game.

"No timetable, just have to see how I progress and how I kind of feel with each step," Zetterberg said. "I'm just starting to move around again and do some rehab stuff, and then we'll see what the next step is.

"Hopefully I can do something. Going a bit crazy here."

Of particular interest suddenly is Zetterberg's availability for the Jan. 1 Winter Classic against Toronto, exactly three weeks from tomorrow.

Zetterberg, obviously, would like to be ready for that event.

"Obviously that's a big game but we have games before that, too," Zetterberg said.