The Astros were still waking up.

It was a bright, clear spring morning at Fenway Park. Baseball, daily history and a soon-to-be-sold-out stadium filled with devoted Red Sox fans watching the best team in the game waited.

But Saturday night had been devoted to another Astros loss. And just 12 hours after a numbing Boston beat-down and manager Bo Porter’s subsequent call-out, the Astros were being asked early Sunday to do it all over again with a four-game sweep on the line.

Pregame batting practice was sort of a chore. One veteran used a brief pause to jokingly work on his tan. Even the always-charged Porter talked about salvaging the series with a single win and then getting on a New York-bound plane.

While a loose collection of Astros players killed time near the third-base dugout, second baseman Jose Altuve kept popping his fist into his glove. He laughed, spoke in broken English and joked with Latin American teammates. Then Altuve was gone, sprinting toward the infield for another round of drills, the Astros’ April dive and his rebuilding team’s increasingly poor play replaced by the one thing Altuve loves best: baseball.