With just 10 days remaining before they leave Florida, the Red Sox are poised to ramp up the workload for outfielder Grady Sizemore.

Sizemore, who went 3-for-4 in seven innings in a minor league game Wednesday afternoon, will play again Thursday night. Then, after an off-day Friday, he'll play Saturday, Sunday and Monday, giving him five games in the span of six days to test his durability.

Still, Farrell said, from a physical standpoint, the jury is still out on projecting whether Sizemore is ready to open the season on the major league roster.

"We'll probably have a better read on that in another 10 days,'' said Farrell. "This has been a pretty well thought out plan for the increase in volume and we're going to take every available day to process that information. We'd like to have a crysal ball, but when we signed Grady, we knew there were going to be a number of questions to be answered. He's answering some of those.

"We also look at it from a big picture perspect and what gives us the best possibility to have a productive player over the long run, that includes a gradual build-up. How we get to that, that's what we're still working through."

Sizemore, after his minor league appearance Wednesday, said he's "getting better and better. Each game, I get a little more comfortable. I'm just trying to continue to see pitches and have good at-bats."

Whatever the Sox have planned to test him, Sizemore is eager to take on the challenge.