The Red Sox do not plan to set their 25-man roster until the 3 p.m. deadline on Sunday. The team will use the time to make a move to get Jackie Bradley Jr. on the 40-man roster.

Because that roster is full, the Sox will have to either designate a player for assignment or trade one to clear a spot for Bradley. Until then, he will not officially be on the team.

But Bradley did arrive at Jet Blue Park in a charcoal suit and will accompany the team to New York.

When asked if anything about spring training came as a surprise to him, John Farrell said it was how good Bradley was.

“Just reading about him, hearing about him, until you see him you don’t know fully what to expect but that’s been a good surprise," the manager said. "I think we had a pretty good idea coming in what to anticipate. But until you see it unfold and take hold, you get a better sense of it.”