Don't read anything into he fact that the Red Sox haven't been notified of any of their players being involved in the Biogenesis scandal in Miami which could cost about 20 players suspensions for performance-enhancing drug use according to a story on ESPN's "Outside The Lines."

That's because, until Major League Baseball has interviewed Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch and they have hard evidence to suspend the player, they are likely not contacting individual teams. To this point, one Major League Baseball official said he didn't think individual teams had been contacted.

Most of the names appear to be out. Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, Milwaukee outfielder Ryan Braun and Texas outfielder Nelson Cruz are among the big names on a list ESPN has received along with documents who were linked in purchasing PED's from the clinic.

But there are also some "coded names" which have not been revealed that Bosch has agreed to help MLB investigators with, according to OTL report.