If I were Scott Boras, visions of Grady Sizemore might be keeping me up at night right now. I might be tossing and turning on the huge pile of money I sleep on thinking about an Indians centerfielder I don't even represent. Over the next year and a half months, Boras will be trying to land one of his most important clients a new contract and the last name he wants to hear mentioned in the same sentence with Jacoby Ellsbury is Grady Sizemore.

It is a few years back now, but there was a time when Sizemore was a bone-fide superstar. He played excellent center field, drew walks, hit for power and average and ran the bases as well as anyone in the game. From 2005-2008 he averaged 6.9 wins above replacement per year by Fangraphs' system. He was nearly 30% better at the plate than the average major league hitter (by weighted Runs Created Plus). During that run, Sizemore was never quite as good as Ellsbury was in 2011, but he was far healthier and thus played much more than Ellsbury. Overall, he was more productive in his first four seasons than Ellsbury has been by a good margin. However, after two years of injuries and underperformance, Sizemore saw his $8.5M option for 2012 declined and signed for just one year and $5M for this past season and then failed to take the field entirely following multiple back and knee surgeries. The one-time superstar may end up signing a minor league contract at the age of 30 this off-season. For someone trying to secure a contract for the 28 year old Ellsbury, Sizemore is not a player you want to see brought up in comparison.