he Red Sox confirmed that the longest sellout streak in professional sports – 820 consecutive sellouts at Fenway Park – ended Wednesday night.
The team revealed the news, which was widely anticipated, on its official Twitter account.

The streak, which included 794 regular-season games and 26 playoff games, began May 15, 2003. According to the Red Sox, an average of 36,605 tickets per game were sold during the nearly 10-year run.

“The streak is a reflection of a phenomenal period of baseball in Boston and of America's greatest ballpark,” Red Sox principal owner John W. Henry said via a team press release. “But more than that, it is a testament to the baseball passion of New England fans. As we close the book on this incredible era, we look forward to another with a renewed certainty that the next couple of generations of Red Sox fans will also be enjoying baseball at the ever magical Fenway Park.”

The Red Sox were able to sustain the streak despite many empty seats at times last season because Major League Baseball's definition of a sellout allowed them to include tickets distributed, including some given to charities or others.