I knew the song well, but still was startled to hear it coming from outside my hotel room late last night. I looked out the window and there was a stocky, bearded, tattooed gentleman holding a boom box overhead and cranking out the Peter Gabriel.

In your eyes, I am complete . . . I want to touch the light, the heat I see in your eyes.

I knew the Red Sox were trying to win us back, but this was ridiculous.

I assured Jonny Gomes that he could touch the light and heat in my eyes in morning and told him to go bed. And I wished him well against right-handers this season and told him everyone up in New England was rooting for him.

Why wouldn’t we? Gomes seems like an awesome guy, another Kevin Millar, a dirt dog and a grinder who is grateful for every day he spends in the big leagues. Hell, Gomes survived a heart attack at age 22. He’s grateful for every day he spends anywhere.

“Kevin Millar is actually one of my really good friends, but we can’t be compared to each other because I’m twice as good-looking,” said Gomes. “He dyes his hair. I do not dye my hair. His front two teeth are fake. I don’t have fake teeth. I have twice as much power as he does and I have 3 inches on the forearms over him. So there’s actually nothing to compare with Kevin and I.”