The Red Bulls finally parted ways officially with Digão, cancelling the contract of Kaka’s younger brother today. It’s no coincidence that the Post first reported that they’d moved on from their pursuit of Kaka last Wednesday, and by Saturday’s game his brother’s locker was empty.

This morning, the team announced that they have canceled his contract, by mutual agreement with the player.

“We have spoken with Digão over the past couple of weeks and believe that this is the best resolution for all parties involved,” said Red Bulls sporting director Andy Roxburgh in a statement. “We want to wish Digão the best of luck in the next stage of his career.”

Sources have told the Post that since the $200,000 annual contract was mutually terminated, the Red Bulls will recoup much of the pro-rated portion of the deal in much-needed salary cap relief. They had already terminated the $200,000 deal of Juninho as well, so the relief from the two Brazilians could approach $200,000 for the second half of the season.