The Chicago Bears are experimenting with a host of new things on offense under head coach Marc Trestman and one of those variables could be the read option an offense quarterback Jay Cutler occasionally ran during his college years at Vanderbilt.

"The thing about Jay on a read option Jay knows how to get down" Trestman said Wednesday. "Jay knows how to play the position when he's running out on the field. You guys have seen him more than I have over the years but what I have seen is a guy that knows how to take care of himself most of the time. There are moments where a quarterback has to give it up for the cause so to speak but he's a smart player. He knows when to get down. He knows when to get out of bounds. And I think he can handle those types of things."

Before Trestman met the media Cutler was asked how much read option the Bears planned to run in the fall.

"None" Cutler said.

Generally speaking in the NFL the truth lies somewhere in the middle.