I wished that I had asked Tampa Bay's David Price one more question:


Why revive your feud with Boston's David Ortiz nearly eight months after seemingly settling your differences with him?

Why hit Ortiz on Friday night, then return Big Papi’s verbal fire on Saturday?

Why get sucked in at all?

Mind you, I was grateful that Price agreed to be interviewed on FOX after sharing his thoughts on Ortiz with me and other reporters in the Rays’ clubhouse at Fenway Park.

And, though I find Ortiz’s pimping of home runs more entertaining than offensive, I’m not a pitcher. I’m not the one who, after experiencing the disappointment of giving up a home run, must endure the full Papi Preen, one eternal step at a time.

Ortiz said he lost respect for Price after the left-hander hit him with a 94-mph fastball in the back. Price, never denying that his act was intentional, said that he gained respect from "a lot" more people — people in the sport, a number of whom, he said, reached out to him afterward.

Mark Mulder, a former pitcher now working for ESPN, went public with his approval of Price after hearing the pitcher chide Ortiz on FOX, saying that "no one was bigger than the game" and criticizing Ortiz for likening baseball to war.

"New favorite player ---> David Price," Mulder tweeted.

I’ll bet a number of current and former pitchers agreed with Mulder. I’ll bet that two of the Red Sox’s old-school veterans, John Lackey and Jake Peavy, would have responded the same way that Price did to Ortiz’s delayed reaction to his second homer in Game 2 of last year’s AL Division Series — by drilling Ortiz, no matter how long it took to settle the score.

Ortiz said at the time that he lingered at home plate because he did not know whether the ball would go fair or foul. Price, who allowed seven runs in a 7-4 defeat that night, scoffed at that explanation and expressed disapproval with Ortiz, saying, "As soon as he hit it and I saw it, I knew it was fair — run."