Expect more wins. Expect more innings. Expect more command.

Most of all, expect more Moore.

For the Rays, this is where the potential improvement starts, deep in that electric left arm of Matt Moore. Even now, even after a season in which his fastball took some lumps, Moore's improvement remains directly linked to that of his team. Even now, Moore leads his team in untapped potential.

Funny thing, baseball. Too often, fans seem to look to the new faces when they talk about improvement, whether it is the key free agent signing or the big trade acquisition. Spring training is very big on the new kid in town.

Around here, it is different. Throughout its history, the biggest steps the franchise has made have been when one of its young players — David Price, Carl Crawford, Evan Longoria — has turned potential into production.

If that is to happen again this year, whose progress is more important than that of Moore?