The Rays may not wait for RHP Alex Cobb to come back to bump RHP Roberto Hernandez from the rotation.

Manager Joe Maddon confirmed Sunday what has seemed obvious that the Rays are "considering" going to a four-man rotation.

The primary reason is that even with a makeup game tonight in Boston they have four days off in an upcoming 12-day stretch.

The secondary reason is to maximize the tremendous pitching by the other four starters — Chris Archer Jeremy Hellickson Matt Moore and David Price. Sunday's loss was just the second started by those four in a 26-game span. "That's been over the top a little bit" Maddon said.

After Hernandez starts Tuesday at home against Arizona the Rays don't need a fifth starter again until Aug. 17 (home vs. Toronto) and could go as far as Aug. 27 (home vs. Angels) before needing another.

The Rays who have only announced that Hernandez and Hellickson will face Arizona have to consider several factors in making a decision. Among them: whether the younger starters Archer and Moore would benefit from extra rest; whether to keep Price on a five-day schedule and work around that; and how to work in Cobb who hopes to return soon from a June 15 concussion.

"We have our different thoughts we have our different schedules made up and we'll announce that relatively soon" Maddon said. "It is possible to do something like that yes but we're still trying to put that all together."