Six runs had scored and Alex Cobb still hadn't retired a batter during the first inning against the Red Sox a few weeks back. There were runners on second and third when Jose Lobaton decided he needed to talk with his pitcher.

"I'm thinking, 'Wow I got to go out there,' " Lobaton said. "But what am I going to say?"

Here is the gist of what Lobaton said: Keep pitching, throw the change-up in the dirt, let's get some ground balls and get out of the inning, because this game is far from over.

Cobb got the next batter to line out to Yunel Escobar and the following hitter to bounce into an inning-ending double play.

The Red Sox did win the game . in 14 innings.

For Cobb, that moment encapsulates just how far Lobaton has come this season as a major-league player.

"You could really tell in his eyes that he felt he was the one giving up those six runs," Cobb said. "He looked upset about it, and he still believed in me. It definitely gave me more motivation."

After the inning, Cobb thanked Lobaton for the pep talk. After the game Cobb told reporters how much Lobaton's game has developed in such a short time.

"That's why I'm here. I'm here for the pitcher," Lobaton said. "I'm not here to hit, I'm here to catch. Well, thank God I'm hitting right now."

There's that, too.

Lobaton entered Thursday's game against the Astros hitting .311 since April 25. For the season, Lobaton is batting .279. His 20 RBIs match his career high.