After he arrived into Portland in the wee hours Thursday morning, Raymond Felton checked into a Portland hotel with his New York Knicks teammates and promptly exchanged text messages with Trail Blazers reserve Nolan Smith.

“I’m ready to go,” Felton texted Smith. “Enjoy the show.”

Actually, it was more like a circus.

With a chorus of boos echoing around the Rose Garden every time Felton touched the ball and the Blazers cruising to a convincing 105-90 victory over the Knicks' junior varsity team, basketball turned into a secondary form of entertainment Thursday night.

And one of the few to leave the fiasco disappointed was Felton, the critical component behind last season’s monumental Blazers collapse. He sauntered into the Rose Garden loading dock about 75 minutes before the scheduled tip wearing a determined scowl and headphones, breezing past a throng of reporters to the visitors locker room.

Less than 24 hours earlier, he told New York media there were “certain people there that I don’t want to see and better not come near me.” But Felton passed on the chance to elaborate before the game, refusing to speak to local reporters. And that was just the start of the spectacle.