The question came up during Thursday's end-of-season press conference. It's probably something that many Baltimore football fans have been wondering about ever since Ray Lewis announced this would be his last season.

Is there any chance the future Hall of Famer might join the Ravens as a coach? The answer-- doubtful.

“All of the guys that have played here come back often. Talk to players, and they are always welcome," Harbaugh said during the news conference. "Of course, Ray would be no less than that. We have talked about it. He knows he is always welcome. He has not expressed an interest to coach. I have asked him, and he is not interested. But we have talked about it."

Lewis was pretty much a coach on the field. He guided players, told them where to go, what to do and was very good at knowing what the opposition wanted to do. The defense played much better in the playoffs when Lewis returned.

But coaching is a whole different world, and Lewis just has too much going on in his world. He's likely going to be working for TV (reports say it's ESPN) while taking the time to watch his son play college football at Miami, something he's wanted to do for a very long time.

That's why Lewis saying coaching isn't his thing right now didn't really surprise Harbaugh. Lewis has grown into one of those figures who is known far and wide. He's more than just a football player now. That's probably why he can't only be a football coach.

"Ray is iconic," Harbaugh said. "He is going to be so many amazing and powerful things, and he is excited about those things.”